Coyt Leroy Jones (Father Of Poet-Political Activist, Amiri Baraka)
Nov 8, 1910 – Mar 11, 2002

Coyette LeRoy Jones settled in Newark at the age of 17. Employed in various jobs, he came across the daughter of a Republican Politician and Newark store keeper, Thomas Everett Russ and got married. They had two children, the activist poet Amiri Baraka and the political activist Kimako Baraka.

Mr. Jones spent thirty years of life working for postal service. He and his wife Ana Lois Russ were a visible social duo within the young socially conscious and sociable African American circle of the forties and the fifties in Newark. They were a member of various social organizations and worked for the Afro American youth. This passion to work for people of their race was further inherited by Amiri Baraka who focused on the subject of rights of African Americans in his poetry and essays. Also, since he held the position of a credible music critic, Baraka particularly studied jazz music in detail with a belief that it represented the African American community. Efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Baraka are regarded immensely for Newarks’ African oriented Committee and Congress of African people. Mr. Jones lived to see his son’s success as a writer and political activist till 2002 after which Baraka carried the legacy forward in fighting of the rights of the African Americans.

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