Amiri Baraka in the course of his career has honored a variety of events with his presence. The list includes the writer’s reading at Dodge Poetry Festival, his live performance with Wilber Morris in Finland and others. He also made it to The New York Times cover page as he was recognized for his work as a political activist, writer and music critic.





The following are the writer’s photographs taken at different events.
Amiri Baraka with wife Amina & child (circa 1963)
Amiri Baraka reading at the Dodge Poetry Festival (2003)
Amiri Baraka at work (circa 1964)
Painting of Amiri Baraka by Unknown Artist.





Amiri Baraka for The New York Times, photo by ChesterHiggins, Jr. (2005)
Baraka and M.K. Asante, Jr. in Newark, NJ (2006)
Amiri Baraka & Duncan Barber at Black Arts West in SF (1967)
Baraka defends “Somebody Blew Up America” (2003)
Amiri Baraka and Wilber Morris in Finland (2001)
Amiri Baraka (photo: Brian McMilen, 1980)
Amiri Baraka (1970)
Amina and Amiri Baraka at home (photo: Ryan Joseph, 2007)

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