Ny Ras

The revered writer-activists, Amiri and Amina Baraka, gave birth to a son Ras Baraka who grew up to become one of the most insightful artist-activist of his time. Taking the legacy forward, he is hopeful to make political empowerment a reality for the people in Newark and is dedicated towards achieving this goal.

Ras Baraka is a poet, co-editor of ‘In the Tradition’ and a former Youth Coordinator for the Commission for Racial Justice. Having studied politics and being a part of a family that supports socialism, Ras had a vision for Newark’s Renaissance. He wishes to be a voice for the people of his region that would represent them and hence works for equality in the distribution of employment, education and recreational resources.

Ras Baraka founded and served as a chairman for the Historic 1’st National¬†Hip-Hop¬†Convention organized in Newark. He is often called the modern day Paul Robeson for travelling around the world performing and organizing poetry shows, lecturing at conferences and being a part of documentaries.

Apart from his role of a political activist, Ras Baraka has also been featured in the singer, Lauryn Hill’s album, ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ for which he did not only narrate a number of interludes on the album but also recorded a single Hot Beverage in the Winter with her.

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