Amiri Baraka along with his wife Amina Baraka has made appearances at a number of events together such as social discussions, open mic programs, readings and poetry nights. A few of his notable performances include

Amiri & Amina Baraka &Blue ArkThe Word Ship– The event was held last year and presented the Barakas as dynamic poets with a diverse collection of writing pieces. It also featured their working band, Blue Ark that performs traditional Jazz musicwith exceptionally talented musicians on board including Rene McLean, Rudy Walker, Calvin Jones and Adegoke Steve Colson.

Ras Baraka, Poetry- It was a poetry special event and featured Amiri Baraka with his well known poems.

Open Discussion: Reparations, Self-Determination & Democracy- This event gave Amiri Baraka the opportunity to voice his opinions on the subjects of Self Determination, Reparations and Democracy. He mentioned excerpts from his books and also recited some of his well known poems related to the subject.

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