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Some of the events that have featured Amiri Baraka include

Poetry Reading with Thomas Sayers Ellis

The event was conducted earlier this year along with Thomas Sayers Ellis. He is currently the Poetry Editor of the Baffler. Skin Inc and also has been recognized with awards like John C.Zacharis First Book Award in 2006 and others. Ellis along with Amiri Baraka made the event a hit. Ellis’s collection featured writing pieces from ‘The Maverick Room’, ‘The Good Junk’ and Baraka’s poems such as ‘Somebody Blew Up America’ and excerpts from books such as ‘Blues People: Negro Music‘were commendable.

A Night of Poetry and Jazz Music

A Night of Poetry and Jazz Music featured Amiri Baraka along with the professor and musician Gutherie Ramsay Jr. Conducted early this year, Baraka participated in the event with his poetry while Ramsey discussed his book ‘Race Music: Black Cultures Be -Bop to Hip-Hop. Where the literary world respects Baraka for his persuasive narrations, Ramsey’s writings have also appeared and been praised in a number of well known US publications such as The New York Times and The Village Voice.

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